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Demanding Justice, Truth and Court-ordered reparations
’UAE must Respect Judicial decisions and uphold the rule of law’

Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies...Publications

Answers to Common Questions About the 'UAE Judgments for sale'

What are the major factors that will influence the UAE Judgment portfolio is worth?

  • (a) An offence that caused great distress and disruption to the victim’s dignity, businesses and the relationships. (1)
  • (b) The traumatic consequences as a result of the offense and its profound impact on a society. (2)
  • (c) Holding offenders directly accountable and they have violated the rule of law.
  • (d) The parties with whom the stakes or responsibilities in the particular offense.
  • (e) The concept of justice, domestic law and constitutional rights in the country
  • (f) Active involvements in the process of getting justice and its implications. (14)
  • (g) The rule of law, the procedures and the trends in international Jurisprudence.
  • (h) European & United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Treaties.
  • (i) Resources and Information that supports the Judgment creditor.

The issue of enforcing a judgment and providing reparation is important to all victims. The reparation is a process whereby all the parties with a stake in a particular offense come together to resolve collectively how to deal with the aftermath of the offense and its profound impact on a society....Read More

Selling Court awarded Judgments
Court Judgments are not worthless piece of papers. Judgment winners has every rights to recover their legally awarded debts....Read More

Judgment Recovery

A team of Legal experts will hold series of discussions and work out strategies for each case. They will, thereafter, chart out an action plan, contact the officials concerned in the country or abroad.

The popular methods of (in case an approach to Arbitration is not simply applicable) Advocacy and Lobbying successfully practiced globally will be applied wherever felt feasible and possible.

The Experts will pursue further legal proceedings and ensure that the matter is settled within the shortest possible time and the ‘Judgment Creditors’ receives the benefits as eligible to them....FAQ

Safeguard the Rule of Law by ensuring Justice, Freedom and Peace in society.


Demanding Justice, Truth and Court-ordered reparations

Respect Judicial decisions and uphold the rule of law.

Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. It should also be kept in mind that successor governments remain bound by the acts incurred by the predecessor governments. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies...Investors

Is the External Affairs Ministry of India above the Law?

The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, was directed by High Court of Delhi to dispose of the representation submitted by petitioner within two months of the date of the Judgment. The directives contained in the judgment of Delhi High Court was dated 20-11-1997. In total negation of such a specific order of the Delhi High Court, the External Affairs Ministry, despite the lapse of 16 years of date of the judgment, demonstrates a blatant disrespect to the law of the country. The legal instruments that a society or government develops in order to deal effectively with crime and meaningful relief to victims of their circumstances. When these legal principles are ignored it would only erode the public faith and confidence in the judicial system...‘Read Publications’

Legal Instruments:-

UN Conventions and other instruments on reparations. UN Convention Statute/s on the International validity of Criminal Justice and the Rights to victim that emphasize the importance of getting and enforcing the Judgment...More

"Probe an anthill" examine the 'Case Law' of the United Arab Emirates' (UAE)

The Constitution of the UAE - ( View Documents )

Judicial System in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (UAE) - ( View Documents )

Procedures for Criminal Cases 'Federal Law of United Arab Emirates' (UAE) - ( View Documents )

Responsibilities of the UAE President - ( View Documents )

... More Documents

Letters to Ministry of External Affairs, India

Letter to Ministry of External Affairs, presents the victim's plight, seeking their official assistance towards execution of the Judgment...(Full Text)

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Campaign Portal:-

UAE Human Rights - Click here

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What is the Human Rights Council? All victims of human rights abuses should be able to look to the Human Rights Council as a forum and a springboard for action.” - Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General...More Details

The ‘UAE Judgments’ are worth buying, in all respects...More Details

Judgments For Sale – Frequently Asked Questions...More Details

Buy the Judgment – UAE Judgments for Sale!

The total face value of above listed 'portfolio of Judgments' worth over $ 1,200 million - The sale price, it is only 35% of the original price! (View Investors)

What's it mean? Guaranteed nearly 3 times more value of investment along with 4.5% yearly bonus. Once the enforcement is set in motion and the pending dues are realized, the investors’ benefit could be well taken care of.

How To Buy the Judgment? Outright sale of the judgment is not envisioned. Funds are proposed to be raised by distribution of shares. 'Contact Us' with any relevant enquiries and we will endeavour to answer them at the earliest possible.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
The judgment awarded by the Apex Court in accordance with the UAE Law of Criminal Procedure:-
Key excerpts from the Judgments, the Legal Court of First Instance & the Appex Court, Abu Dhabi

Judgment (Final, Legal Court of Appeal) of Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi, UAE (View in Arabic; English)

Judgment (Legal Court of First Instance) of Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi, UAE (View in English)


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A Portfolio of UAE Judgments:- The sale price, it is only 35% of the original price!...Read


UAE Judgments are worth buying, in all respects:- The UAE officials are committed to honour the content of the obligation to execute the Court Judgments now available for sale to general public...Read


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International Responsibility:-States as Guardians of the Rights of Individuals...Read


Legal Remedies & Reparations:- :-Reparation has progressively been conceived as a 'Right' of victims...Read


Legal Research & Outsourcing:- A team of professionals who have vast knowledge and expertise in the Legal field...Read


Invest in a judgment recovery business:- This is one of our value added, superior marketing plans primarily to honour and support the rights of individuals...Read


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Landmark Judgments in the history of Abu Dhabi (UAE) Jurisprudence – Now on sale!

There are diabolical debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other henious acts to avoid honoring obligations! Buy portfolios of UAE Judgments now on sale!...More Details

Learn about corrupt practices in UAE

The head of a business empire based in Abu Dhabi was attacked by a posse of policemen in civil dress at his office; robbed of cash and valuables to force him to withdraw a lawsuit against a property owner...More Details